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The Rogue Hack Lab is a hackerspace in downtown Medford, Oregon. We are a community-operated, 24-hour space and infrastructure provider for technical and creative projects and events.

Come Hack With Us

We are located at 225 East Main Street in downtown Medford, Oregon.

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Hack Lab Events

From Monday April 21 - Sunday April 27


Regularly Scheduled Events

  • Wednesdays 6:30pm-9:30pm - Open Hack Nights Come all and work on cool stuff!
  • Mondays 6:00pm-whenever - Focused Hack Nights Come to work on stuff you can't concentrate on Wednesdays because Wednesday is such a happenin' party!
  • First Wednesday of every month 9:00pm-10:00pm - Board Meetings.
  • Every other Thursday RHL, Now in 3D!! - "RSVP on Meetup"

Proposed Regular Events

If you are interested in any of these, please speak up. If you are interested in organizing something, please add it here and drum up some participants!

Big Plans

Please contribute to our big plans and help make them bigger and awesomer.

project ideas:

  1. deploy LifeNet (data communication solution designed for post-disaster scenarios)
  2. build a usb dead drop
  3. geocache?
  4. balloon mapping/photography a'la!!!
  5. permanent telepresence link w/ another space...
  6. Setup a server for shell access for members.
  7. Create an irc server
  8. (if we get a ground-floor space in area w/foot traffic...) some kind of interactive window display e.g. big red button that does something, robotic chess, etc :)
  9. (credit to Dan Edwards) build a "library" of mobile handsets for developers to test on a wide variety without having to buy 'em all.
  10. Create a computer musuem (
  11. These are cool:
  12. Build a uzebox console
  13. Build a MAME cabinet

event ideas:

  1. jelly
  2. show & tells
  3. hackathons
  4. existing user groups
  5. southern oregon robotics society:
  6. drupal user group:
  7. new user groups
  8. bar camp (
  9. pecha kucha &/| ignite events
  10. TEDx (
  11. maker faire (
  12. movie nights (either pure "blow off steam" sci-fi/nerd interest, or "book group'ish" curated ted talks, longnow talks, etc., watch-and-discuss stuff)
  13. science / math / programming classes / tutoring for high school age kids.
  14. host local 2600 meetings (
  15. 3D Printer Build Weekend

wish list:

  1. coffee maker
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. at some point, keycard access to lab? This assumes that we'll be able to find a space where the landlord allows us to mess with the locks...
  4. network gear
  5. furniture (couches, more chairs, more tables)</s>
  6. projector (or at least a really big monitor/big screen TV w/ variety of adapters)
  7. whiteboards/blackboards (how good are the paint-on surfaces these days?)
  8. keyboards/monitors/mice to live at the space
  9. cool tools (basic shop tools, 3d printer, lasercutter?, etc. etc.)
  10. rack, server (? I kinda like the idea of having one, but it's probably not at the very top of the list)
  11. wireless router
  12. sound/recording equipment - cool for classes
  13. bulletin boards
  14. Dropcam

who might be interested in hearing about rogue hack lab

or might help us spread the word?

  1. RCC/SOU students nearby
  2. burning man builders ("siskiyou burners" group, are they still around?)
  3. coworking nomads via
  4. hackerspace nomads via
  6. sustainable valley technology group
  7. small business development center
  8. "Heart of Medford Association"
  9. soggy (obviously I guess)
  10. science works
  11. astronomy types (telescope building? high altitude balloon interest?)
  12. GIS user group
  13. Charter highschool in Phoenix with technical orientation
  14. underwrite jpr programming? (probably expensive) (non-profits get free exposure by listing events on JPR calendar which are read during JPR broadcasts)
  15. or propose ourselves for a jefferson exchange guest to discuss hacker/maker culture/issues/etc.?
  16. Southern Oregon robotics group:
  17. Grants Pass robotics group "roguebots":
  18. Other non-profits. Partnership opportunity to help others with their technological needs.
  19. Local montessori schools maybe interested in classes
  20. Might be worth checking out eugene/portland hackspaces. Perhaps there is some sort of partnering opportunities, learn from their mistakes, etc.
  21. Think Tank Kids in Medford...

Board Minutes

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Meeting of April 3rd 2012

Meeting of February 6th 2012



Board Members

Francis Bull (secretary)

Mica Cardillo (member)

David Lowe (treasurer)

Emile Snyder (president)

Kevin Conner

Leland Sanders

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225 E. Main St.
Medford, OR 97501