About Rogue Hack Lab

Rogue Hack Lab is is a community of makers with roots extending throughout Southern Oregon and around the world. Join us to share, create, collaborate, research, develop, mentor, cross-pollinate, play, and of course, learn.

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Rogue Hack Lab Stations @
2016 Rogue Valley Mini Maker Faire

Raspberry Pi Photo Booth

Get your photo taken with the Make robot. A preview of the photo will be printed on a recite so that you can download it later. More about the photo booth.

Printing! Now in 3D!

No, this isn’t science fiction. Come experience the future of manufacturing in America and get started on your journey of turning ideas in to real-world objects.

The Secrets of Locks

Have you ever lost your keys and wondered how those locksmiths get you in? Come and learn how to escape from handcuffs and unlock a variety of 1, 2, 3 and even 4 pin locking mechanisms. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Drone Racing

Test your hand at flying one of our mini drones through our custom built lightup course. Think you have what it takes to compete? Sign up to be part of the Rogue Valley Drone Racing League

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We will continue to meet at 3rd party locations in the coming months. Come join us and learn more. These are the membership tiers that will match up with our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and the business model of re-opening in a better space.

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